Are you a lover of hiking, sports and nature? Do you know about the Gran Senda de Málaga?
Well now is the perfect season to escape and discover one of the stages of this spectacular route that runs through the entire province and passes through our municipality of Gaucín. Whether on foot, on horseback or by bicycle, walking along one of the variants of this long-distance trail is quite an experience. Here we provide all the information you need so you can plan a wonderful day of hiking in this beautiful setting.
The Gran Senda de Malaga is a route of about 900km that runs throughout the province through fascinating natural landscapes, waterfalls hidden among pine forests and canyons or peaks of more than 1000 meters in altitude. It is part of the national and European network of trails and connects us with the European ¨Gran Recorrido¨ that crosses the Mediterranean arc ending in Greece. But don´t be put off by these distances- the route is divided into 35 stages, so you can ease yourself in gently by tackling just one of them. And what better option than to start with stage number 3 of the Gran Senda de la Serranía de Ronda (GR 141) “El Colmenar- Benarrabá”which passes through Gaucín sharing part of our local route N° XI “LA HERRIZA Y LA AlQUERÍA”. The route passes very close to the town, where you can recharge your batteries in one of the bars and restaurants, buy food for the way and even spend the night in one of the rural houses or small hotels.
All that is needed is a pair of good boots, drinking water, some snacks and a day free in your diary!

Technical Summary of stage nº 3 de la Gran Senda Serranía de Ronda (GR 141)
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 18.7 km
Start point: Intersection of the Central de las Buitreras and the MA 9300
Arrival point: Plaza de Cerro on the corner of Camino del Lavadero in Benarrabá
Cumulative elevation loss: 1356m
Cumulative elevation gain: 1557m

Once you have enjoyed this beautiful more local stage of the Gran Senda then we encourage you to discover, step by step of course, the remaining 870km of this incredible route. Indeed, you can use Gaucín as a base for all of the routes that pass through the Serrania de Ronda and we can help you organise lodging and transport.
Just contact us at our tourist office and we will be happy to help.